Food For Thought

Experts including chemists won't make their own at home and explain why.  The World Health Organization and the CDC say washing your hands with soap and water is best.

Recently spread of the coronavirus has caused a shortage of hand sanitizers on the shelves in any store you go into from your local supermarket, to any of the big box stores, drug stores, to the mall.  If you try to buy hand sanitizer online you'll face either "out of stock" or you'll see the price greatly inflated

The new proposed rule will allow school districts to do the following if it goes through: 

  1. Pastas made with vegetable flour can count that pasta as an actual even if no actual vegetables are served with it. 
  2. Potatoes can count as a fruit. 
  3. More pizza, burgers, and fried chicken 
  4. Half the amount of fruit at breakfast.
  5. Proposed changes enlarge the loophole allowing school districts to circumvent Smart Snack Guidelines.

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