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Nourish Your Body, Boost Your Brain

Created by a mom and perfected by a panel of doctors and nutritionists, IQed is an easily digestible protein powder with all the essential nutrients you need to keep you functioning at peak performance. 

21g of Grass-Fed Whey Protein

41 Real Food Ingredients

9 Ayurvedic Botanicals

22 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Nourishment for Peak Performance

IQed naturally supports your muscles, brain and immune system. Easily digestible and great tasting, our protein powder serves as a meal replacement to keep you fueled all day, at home and on the go.

Smart Food for Better Focus

IQed contains all the good stuff you need to help you perform better at school or work with sharper focus, improved learning, better memory, and greater cognitive function.

Good Stuff for Healthier Golden Years

IQed helps older adults get the daily nutrients they need in their diet to support the heart, bones, eyes and and immune system.

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