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July 10, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

What is the most reasonable way to ship a package from the US to another country?
There are a variety of answers as it depends on which country you are shipping to.  Below are a few methods of shipping so that you can investigate which is best for you!   When you order IQed while USPS, Fedex, or UPS direct to you are available options,  there are other options for shipping which may work out to be cheaper, faster, or both.

Many People Found comGateway To Be The Least Expensive But Check Out All Options Below Because It Depends On Your Country. If You Select 'Global Checkout' That Will Go Through ComGateway, But You May Find It Cheaper To Have An Account With Them Direct. ComGateway Free Estimate Here


  • Now you can shop from all your favorite U.S. online stores and save!
  • Buy from merchants that don't deliver outside the U.S. by shipping to your U.S. Address
  • Shop and save when you buy from online stores that already offer international shipping
  • Shop even from merchants that don't accept non-U.S. credit cards
  • View in real-time as your packages arrive at your U.S. Address
  • Decide when you want to ship them out internationally
  • Enjoy storage, consolidation and repack to save further on international shipping

Note: Choose Oregon and not California- California charges state tax- Oregon doesn't. Your address will look something like the following (it's the same for everyone- only difference is that C/O which is the code to let them know it's your order- and from that it will be sent to you.) You can order other things from the US at the same time and have it shipped to this same address- and it will be consolidated and sent to you. comGateway is just providing you the ship to address

Your Name
17146 NE Sandy Blvd
co _ _ _-_ _ _ (letters or numbers)
Portland, Oregon 97230

Many parents who use shipping services found comGateway to be the best and cheapest out of all the options they've tried.  They have a free estimate and no membership fee.

For more information visit

Other Options

  1. MYUS
  2. Shipito
  3. Borderlinx 
  4. Vpost
  5. Bongo




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