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The Truth About "Healthy" Food

The Truth About "Healthy" Food

One of the most common traps people fall into is thinking that all healthy snacks are good for them. This isn't always the case. Just because a snack is labeled as "healthy" doesn't mean it's actually good for you. In fact, many "healthy" snacks are anything but!

For example, many so-called "healthy" snacks are high in sugar and calories, which can lead to weight gain. Others may be low in nutrients, which means they won't do much to help you reach your daily nutritional needs.

Here are some examples:

  1. Low-fat products including some yogurts and granola often have added sugar to make up for the loss of flavor from the fat.
  2. Vegan products may be high in unhealthy fats and processed ingredients.
  3. "Natural" products may still contain chemicals, heavy metals, and other unhealthy ingredients.
  4. "Organic" does not necessarily mean low in sugar, nutritious, or free of heavy metals

Here are a few tips to help you out!

-Check the nutrition label: One of the best ways to know if a food is actually healthy is to check the nutrition label. This will list all of the ingredients in the food as well as the calorie and sugar content. If you see that a food is high in sugar or calories, it's probably not as healthy as it claims to be.

-Talk to a doctor or nutritionist: If you're really not sure about a particular food, it's always a good idea to consult with a doctor or nutritionist. They'll be able to tell you whether or not it's actually healthy and give you some tips on how to eat healthier overall.

-Do your own research: Another good way to figure out if a food is healthy is to do your own research. If you aren't sure of an ingredient look it up online and see if it's healthy.

Why IQed!

IQed is different. IQed is not only healthy but also has clinically proven* physical and cognitive benefits reported in 92% of participants. IQed provides the highest quality nutrition for you and your family!

*A clinical study published in Alternative Therapies, Health and Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal, found 92% of participants reported improvements in cognition, speech, memory, and focus within 4 weeks. So if you're looking for truly healthy food, look no further than IQed!

Some healthy suggestions using IQed

Yogurt- skip frozen yogurt which is typically high in sugar and candied toppings and instead choose plain low-fat Greek yogurt and flavor it with fresh berries, bananas, or sprinkle it with IQed.

Energy Bars-most energy bars in regards to sugar, fat, and calories are not different than a regular candy bar, especially those dipped in chocolate. Choose instead bars that boast simple, recognizable ingredients such as bars with a mixture of nuts, seeds, and a bit of honey to hold them together. Or try one of the many delicious IQed recipes such as IQed energy bites!

Granola -if looking at the cereal many varieties are high in calories and packed with excess sugar. Even though granola and muesli are similar breakfast cereals, unlike granola, muesli is unsweetened. Here is a great way to make your breakfast cereal even healthier and more nutritious with IQed 

Sports drinks -unless you run marathons or work out more than 2 hours a day, you don't need the extra electrolytes from these drinks which are typically high in sugar. Instead drink water, or add IQed to the water if you want a nutritious healthy drink! 

Patented IQed is an all-natural full meal and vitamin replacement that is 3rd party tested free of heavy metals, and 150 other toxins with clinically proven* physical and cognitive benefits reported in 92% of participants. IQed provides the highest quality nutrition for you and your family!

Lisa Geng

Author, Founder, and President of The Cherab Foundation , Coauthor The Late Talker book, Mom Conceptualist For IQed

Lisa Geng got her start as a designer and patented inventor in the fashion, toy, and film industries, but after the early diagnosis of her young children with apraxia and ADHD she entered the world of nonprofit, pilot studies, and advocacy. L Lisa currently holds three patents and patents pending on IQed nutritional composition and is a co-author of a study published in a National Institute of Health-based, peer-reviewed medical journal.Results of a Consumer Survey on the Effectiveness of a Nutritional Blend Reported on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms, Apraxia, and Other Conditions Involving Motor and Speech Delays. which showed 92% of respondents reported positive changes upon using IQed. Improvements in concentration, energy, motor skills, and speech  


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