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IQed And IF: Woke Wellness

March 23, 2019 IQed Smart Nutrition

"As someone who has followed the evidence-based Mediterranean Diet including IQed for myself and my family for decades, what caught my eye is that intermittent fasting (known as just “IF”)may trigger some anti-aging properties." ~!Lisa Geng

Grow Up ‘Ridiculously Healthy’

October 13, 2017 IQed Smart Nutrition

‘Ridiculously healthy’ elderly have the same gut microbiome as healthy 30 year-olds - overall microbiota composition of the healthy elderly group was similar to that of people decades younger, and that the gut microbiota differed little between individuals from the ages of 30 to over 100.  

IQed Smart Start For Back To School

September 22, 2017 IQed Smart Nutrition

Back to school is in full swing which means in addition to schoolwork, homework, and after-school activities it’s crunch time once that alarm goes off for preparing a healthy breakfast and lunch during the hectic morning rush of getting your children up, dressed and out the door on time.  As Marcie Beth Schneider, M.D., FAAP, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee On Nutrition reminds us, "Study after study shows that those who eat breakfast function better. They do better in school and have better concentration and more energy"

Here are some tips to minimize any stress and maximize your time to provide your family a smart start for their day!

Spooky IQed Treat For Halloween

October 26, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

It's that time of year that goblins and ghouls want something yummy.  Why not make some simple 4 ingredient IQed Spooky Treats that are not only yummy and fun but (shhhhh) healthy too!

IQed REAL Healthy School Lunch Ideas

August 18, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

"You put junk food into a child's brain, you get back junk behavior and learning." ~Dr. Bill Sears

 There are those that like to take the time to create gorgeous Bento lunches for their children that looks like a scene from a Disney movie, you know the type,  you pin them and think, “that’s so cute”




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