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Study: Junk Food Cravings Are Triggered By Just Thinking About Being Low ClassA new study found that your junk food cravings are triggered by just thinking about being low class showing that a link between socioeconomic and poor nutrition may partly be in the mind.

Star Search For Celebrities To Endorse Healthy Food For Kids – IQedIn light of the recent study published in the journal Pediatrics which found the majority of celebrities endorse food and drinks that are unhealthy, and targeted at youth, IQed Smart Nutrition is seeking a hero celebrity who would want to set a positive example and endorse a healthy product like IQed!   Please contact us at or call us at (307) 459-6033

Music may be food for the soul, but the food and beverages that pop singers endorse these days may be more like food for diabetes, and obesity according to a new study published June 2016 in Pediatrics.  "It is important to raise awareness about how companies are using celebrities popular with these audiences to market their unhealthy products,"said lead researcher Marie Bragg  

IQed Smart Nutrition is an all natural healthy food for all ages and we are seeking a hero celebrity who would want to set a positive example and endorse IQed!  Please contact us at or call us at (307) 459-6033 

University of Adelaide health researchers tracked the food consumption of 430 children aged nine and 10 over six months.

"Children obtained nearly half of their daily energy intake from discretionary foods, which people would know as junk foods — often high in fats, salt and sugar.  We're talking about processed foods like takeaway foods, snacks that you might see in a kid's lunchbox, and those convenient foods that are heavily processed in a factory before they get to you."

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