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Cocoa [Theobroma Cacao]

Cocoa beans were used as currency as well as the drink of the elite by ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. The use of cocoa as a store of value persisted even into colonial times. Modern research has discovered that cocoa is good for blood vessel health and packs some of nature’s most powerful phytonutrients called cocoa flavanols to help our body stay in tune. The flavanols have been linked in studies with improved memory and thinking skills. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that these cocoa flavanols promote healthy blood flow from head to toe. Our heart, brain, and muscles depend on a healthy circulatory system. It helps us feel our best and perform at our highest. And supporting healthy blood flow is essential to helping you maintain who you are for years to come. Cocoa powder, loaded with adaptogens, contains catechins, Cacao, epicatechin, theobromine, and the polymers procyanidins, polyphenols all excellent antioxidants. The main type of flavonoids present in cacao beans are flavanols, flavonoids, and quercetin. Cocoa has more phenolic phytochemicals and a higher antioxidant capacity than teas and red wine Studies have found that cocoa helps boost the growth of beneficial probiotics in the gut, and is therefore considered a prebiotic along with an antioxidant.  

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