Delicious Recipes with IQed

Great on the go IQed sweet snack that's nutritious too.  Just throw all the ingredients in the Ziploc and shake!   Can make these right before you run out the door, or make them and put in the fridge or freezer to have when needed for a healthy snack in your kid's lunchbox!
Is this a recipe?  It's so easy we aren't sure, but it's something we are sure you will enjoy!  Mornings are busy.  Here's a quick way to add a healthy kick to make any cereal a complete meal with IQ'ed Smart NutritionTM and in just a few minutes too!  

These IQed yummy treats are best eaten close to room temp. The fork slides easily into the bar and you get all three flavors in one scrumptious bite! When they are eaten right out of the fridge, the layers will separate on you . . . it's not like I know that from copious experience or anything, because I'm super patient... that was sarcasm.

This recipe is: no bake, high fiber, high protein, gluten free!

No cooking needed so great for the summer.  These IQ'ed+chocolate+rice krispies cookies are everything a healthy child needs for a nutritious snack!

When kept frozen the cookies taste extremely crunchy straight out from the freezer and there is no need to thaw them.

Fudge, fudge, fudge…Creamy, buttery, soft, crunchy, sweet, salty and … fudgy. All together at the same time. Do I have your attention yet?!                                         Easy chocolate fudge with IQed Smart NutritionTM. No baking, 100% nutritious, and comes together in 10 minutes.

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