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IQed Brownie Batter on a Stick

July 12, 2015 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

Check out brownie batter on a stick.  This recipe is gluten free, high protein, high fiber, and with IQed Smart NutritionTM it's a healthy snack that's guilt free and tastes like a treat.

IQed Protein Peach Surprise

July 12, 2015 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

A sweet little treat as easy as 1,2,3...literally!  Who doesn't love peaches and cream?  Now peaches and cream just got itself IQed!  Yummy and healthy!

IQed Mashed Potatoes

July 12, 2015 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

Who says that mashed potatoes are just a side dish? They don't have to be with just a scoop of Vanilla IQed Smart NutritionTm  Add a healthy boost of essential nutrients to make to make those mashed potatoes super mashed potatoes!

Cinnamon IQed Apples

July 12, 2015 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

Great on the go IQed sweet snack that's nutritious too.  Just throw all the ingredients in the Ziploc and shake!   Can make these right before you run out the door, or make them and put in the fridge or freezer to have when needed for a healthy snack in your kid's lunchbox!

IQed Cereal Crunch

July 12, 2015 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

Is this a recipe?  It's so easy we aren't sure, but it's something we are sure you will enjoy!  Mornings are busy.  Here's a quick way to add a healthy kick to make any cereal a complete meal with IQ'ed Smart NutritionTM and in just a few minutes too!  


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