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Fun Meme Friday!
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"Rather than switching to human food sources, urban bees seem to be feeding on urban flowers or insect-produced honeydew. This suggests an important role for urban flowers and green spaces in maintaining healthy pollinator populations in cities."

New research from North Carolina State University finds that bees in urban areas stick to a flower-nectar diet, steering clear of processed sugars found in soda and other junk food.

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We all know protein is essential to us for good health,  For various reasons ranging from poor food choices, busy and hectic work schedules, trying to limit animal proteins that are rich in saturated fats, picky eating, some children and adults  do not get enough protein from their regular meals. To maintain muscle building and prevent breakdown, the evidence has shown that even sedentary individuals require protein daily.  A solution has been convenient protein powders to boost daily intake. The big question is do you choose whey or a vegan (soy, rice, pea, hemp, sachi/savi seed etc.) protein? 

Heavy metals are now being found in USDA certified organic foods, superfoods, vitamins, herbs and dietary supplements at alarming levels. Neither the USDA nor the FDA have set any limits on heavy metals in foods and organic foods

The implications of this fact cannot be overlooked. The human body naturally contains trace amounts of heavy metals, but when they accumulate faster than the body can excrete them, several serious health problems can follow, including cardiovascular and neurological disorders as well as kidney and liver damage. 

"It's never too late for good nutrition" ~ Dr.  Jianghong Liu, an associate professor in Penn's School of Nursing and Perelman School of Medicine.  

The main finding of a new study from two University of Pennsylvania researchers has found proper
nutrition during childhood can positively affect a child's social behaviors, friendliness, extent of verbalization, and development.  The results are published in the journalMaternal and Child Nutrition.  
    A new paper published in the Journal of Pediatrics found that healthy children fed a gluten-free diet are at a higher risk for obesity, insulin resistance disorders,  critical vitamin deficiencies, as well as obscuring diagnosis of celiac disease,  
    University of Adelaide health researchers tracked the food consumption of 430 children aged nine and 10 over six months.

    "Children obtained nearly half of their daily energy intake from discretionary foods, which people would know as junk foods — often high in fats, salt and sugar.  We're talking about processed foods like takeaway foods, snacks that you might see in a kid's lunchbox, and those convenient foods that are heavily processed in a factory before they get to you."

    IQed Watermelon Smoothie

    This delicious drink will be a hit for any watermelon-lovers out there. It’s packed with fruit  nutrients and protein to make it kid and mom friendly!  Adding chocolate chip decorations on top makes it super cute

    Homemade IQed Pineapple Whip

    Just 3 healthy ingredients and in minutes tastes like the Dole Whip at Disney!  And instead of just being a treat with IQed it's now a nutritious meal.  Who knew healthy could taste this amazing?!





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