Food For Thought

Most of us by now know the ongoing problem of plastics building in our environment and point to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of plastic, floating trash halfway between Hawaii and California, that has grown to more than 600,000 square miles, twice the size of Texas.  It's continuing to grow and accumulate plastic rapidly according to this 2018 study published in Nature.  But plastic is also a problem when it's small.
 A bit more sophisticated than calling it "number 2" but kind of along those lines.  In case you haven't heard of it I'm sharing the Bristol Stool Chart (well they actually call it the "Bristol Stool Form Scale") which was developed by researchers at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, a hospital in Bristol, England,  as a visual guide for poop. It's a perfect way to talk about poop without really talking about it.  And it's a way to distinguish normal poop from abnormal without getting embarrassed over TMI.

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