Food For Thought

Study finds plant compounds may boost brain functionIn this study, people with lower levels of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin had to use more brain power and relied more heavily on different parts of the brain in order to remember the word pairings they were taught. People with higher levels of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin found naturally through the foods in IQed , on the other hand, were able to minimize the amount of brain activity necessary to complete the task. In other words, they were more "neurally efficient."
Fruits, grains, and vegetables had the smallest carbon footprints, followed by nuts and beans. Among animal proteins, chicken, pork, and fish offer the greenest options, while lamb and beef are the least eco-friendly.New research suggests altering our eating habits for the good of the environment.  IQed is not only superior nutrition, but it's also eco-friendly!
"You put junk food into a child's brain, you get back junk behavior and learning." ~Dr. Bill Sears

 There are those that like to take the time to create gorgeous Bento lunches for their children that looks like a scene from a Disney movie, you know the type,  you pin them and think, “that’s so cute”


No matter how healthy veggies may be good for you and your family, unlike my dog Sandy, there are just some members of the family who may not like them.  There are ways though to hide vegetables in yummy strawberry IQed smoothies! 

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