Food For Thought

This holiday season it may be wise to find simple ways to increase fiber in your diet (like adding IQed) while still enjoying all the festive holiday foods and treats!  New research published in the journal Microbiome found a low fiber diet impairs​ cognition,

  • 4 min read
It's that time of year that goblins and ghouls want something yummy.  Why not make some simple 4 ingredient IQed Spooky Treats that are not only yummy and fun but (shhhhh) healthy too!
If you have not heard about these sweet amazing grapes of awesomeness you have to beg your local grocer to get some cotton candy grapes when they are in season...which is only once a year around now....but there is a warning for them.
I was expecting to Snap a video of these coming out of the oven as a funny fail because they looked so good on the Food Network site, and wanted to compare the photos side by side.  Sure the Food Network cookies are perfectly found, but I can't imagine they tasted any better than the ones I did which were more "creatively" shaped.   I decided I wanted to try to make them more nutritious by throwing in IQed.

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