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IQed Approved For The Feingold Diet

July 11, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

IQed is approved by the Feingold Association for the Feingold Diet
We are proud to announce that all natural IQed is officially approved as a food by the Feingold Association for the Feingold diet.   All ingredients in IQed including the ayuvedic foods Turmeric, Amalaki, Haritaki, Gymnema, Green Tea, Guggul, Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Cayenne Pepper are certified as healthy foods and tested free of heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and herbicides, stimulants, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients or synthetic contaminants.  

Crash Course In Ayurveda

June 03, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

Ayurveda literally translates to ‘science of life’ because the Sanskrit meaning of Ayu is life and Veda is science or knowledge.  Considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science, Ayurveda is a holistic, eco-friendly, cost effective, organic, natural, lifestyle-integrated and easily replicable approach to health.


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