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IQed REAL Healthy School Lunch Ideas

August 18, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

"You put junk food into a child's brain, you get back junk behavior and learning." ~Dr. Bill Sears

 There are those that like to take the time to create gorgeous Bento lunches for their children that looks like a scene from a Disney movie, you know the type,  you pin them and think, “that’s so cute”


IQed Chocolate Macaroon Cookies

July 03, 2016 IQ'ed Smart Nutrition

I was expecting to Snap a video of these coming out of the oven as a funny fail because they looked so good on the Food Network site, and wanted to compare the photos side by side.  Sure the Food Network cookies are perfectly found, but I can't imagine they tasted any better than the ones I did which were more "creatively" shaped.   I decided I wanted to try to make them more nutritious by throwing in IQed.


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