Food For Thought

Study shows eating a high-protein diet boosts weight loss because phenylalanine, an amino acid produced by the digestion of protein, boosts levels of a hormone that tells us we're full
Fruits, grains, and vegetables had the smallest carbon footprints, followed by nuts and beans. Among animal proteins, chicken, pork, and fish offer the greenest options, while lamb and beef are the least eco-friendly.New research suggests altering our eating habits for the good of the environment.  IQed is not only superior nutrition, but it's also eco-friendly!
It's that time of year that goblins and ghouls want something yummy.  Why not make some simple 4 ingredient IQed Spooky Treats that are not only yummy and fun but (shhhhh) healthy too!
There are numerous yoga styles, each expressing their own blend of breathing, poses, meditation, relaxation, and philosophy. Restorative yoga, a practice that leads the yogi toward a more healing and recuperative experience is the one that is more like adult nap time.  Don't let that fool you into believing though restorative yoga isn't important, relaxation can be looked at as a form of preventative medicine.

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