Food For Thought

It's that time of year that goblins and ghouls want something yummy.  Why not make some simple 4 ingredient IQed Spooky Treats that are not only yummy and fun but (shhhhh) healthy too!
"You put junk food into a child's brain, you get back junk behavior and learning." ~Dr. Bill Sears

 There are those that like to take the time to create gorgeous Bento lunches for their children that looks like a scene from a Disney movie, you know the type,  you pin them and think, “that’s so cute”


If you have not heard about these sweet amazing grapes of awesomeness you have to beg your local grocer to get some cotton candy grapes when they are in season...which is only once a year around now....but there is a warning for them.

How Do You Get IQed?

Do you get IQed at the gym, at the beach, in the pool, on vacation, at work, at home?  Share how you get IQed!

Like Lisa did, just tag us on Facebook @IQed Smart Nutrition or Instagram with @getiqed and also use the hashtag #getiqed if you'd like us to share your fun IQed photos!

If you are not sure, and you use your garden hose to water your vegetables and fill up your pet's water dishes and your children's pool, you may want to look for a garden hose that specifically states it's lead-free.  It turns out some garden hoses contain dangerous levels of lead.  And yes that includes hoses purchased at places like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target and Ace Hardware.

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